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Are Medical Advances Developing too Fast for Doctors to Embrace?

"Medicine is still practiced like it was 90 or 100 years ago," says the author of a recent study, which found many doctors don't routinely use computers to send medical reminders — for mammograms or blood tests — nor do they take advantage of other programs that track patients between visits.

According to the author, Dr. Lawrence Casalino, assistant professor, health studies, University of Chicago. "Medical care traditionally has been what your individual doctor can do in 10 to 15 minutes when you happen to show up at his or her office. If you don't come in, nothing happens."



In an early 2002 survey of risk managers at a nationally representative sample of hospitals, the vast majority reported that their hospital's practice was to disclose all unexpected outcomes resulting in harm at least some of the time.

Do you believe the benefits of communicating such outcomes outweigh current concerns about the malpractice implications of disclosure?





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